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We are a black-owned and operated urban clothing brand dedicated to elevating the black community and culture through fashion. Throughout history and across the globe, people have been trained to hate and fear black skin. Over time, this indoctrination has created shame in ourblack communities for many generations. However, as social awareness around these issuesgrows, so does our determination to make a change and restore the image of our rich and beautiful black culture. Because black people have not only significantly contributed to the economy, but we are also the root of humanity.

Our Story

Känxius Garments was born out of a passion for fashion, urban, and hip-hop culture. Fashion isa form of self-expression, and people tell us who they are through their choice of clothing. Thus, through our unique designs inspired by urban hip-hop culture in combination with special quotes and thought-provoking messages, we aim to help you tell the world who you are. From hoodies to sweatshirts, and T-shirts, for men, women, and children, our urban clothing brand offers a tangible medium for those to communicate the views they hold dear using symbolic expressions. Beyond that, Känxius Garments strive to inform and educate people through cool clothing. Between the visual content and the high-quality merchandise, redefining the black experience is at the heart of what we do. Focused on bringing pride back to the black community, our brand encourages all people to celebrate our culture. Not to mention our deep desire to motivate black individuals to continue to strive to become the highest versions of themselves despite the current reality. That is what drives us, and yes we do it for the culture.

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Our mission

We believe culture can be grounding and comforting, creating a home for nourishment and rulesfor understanding ourselves. But in a society where the black community has been rubbed fromits heritage for ultimate exploitation, reminding ourselves and the world who we truly are is amust.

Ilonde Kelly is the founder of Känxius Garments and a passionate advocate for the blackculture. Born on the Southside of Chicago, he grew up on the streets and adopted the streetlifestyle for many years. However, shortly after finding his path to spirituality years ago, Ilondeleft the street lifestyle behind him.Socially aware free-thinker and an observer of pop culture, his urban clothing brand is a naturalprogression of his purpose and the next step in his vision. As a visionary with a background inHip-Hip music, Kelly brings a distinct fashion style and aesthetic to Känxius Garments. Urbanfashion share an interesting relationship with Hip-Hop culture and as someone who nowbelongs to both worlds, Kelly is the perfect amalgamation of creativity, charisma, anduniqueness. Hip Hop believes that people can take control of their lives through self-knowledgeand self-expression and Ilonde shares the same beliefs.From the onset, his clothing brand has embodied the essence of who he is and what herepresents. The Community's advancement and re-empowerment in all aspects.Passionate about the Black family and its survival, Kelly enjoys spending time with his family.Also, Ilonde considers himself a student of life and loves reading self-help books in his sparetime.